Cat Action Trust 1977 Jersey Branch
A lifeline for feral cats

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Neutering help line

To stem the feral colonies and bring down the number of unwanted kittens we help with the cost of neutering. If people on low incomes need help with neutering and spaying their cats could they please telephone Jean on 631113.

For more information on neutering please click here

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Felix here is our little hero, being the robust large boy he is he was selected as a donor for a blood transfusion that saved another cat. This loveable mild mannered cat is living as part of Jean's Feline Family.

Cat Action Trust 1977

A lifeline for feral cats

We at Cat Action Trust 1977 Jersey branch are committed to helping feral and domestic cats have happy and secure lives, free from diseases such as FIV (feline aids) and FeLV (feline leukaemia).

We rehouse cats whenever possible, though some have to stay and become part of Jean's Feline Family for various medical and behavioural problems. We would only put a cat to sleep on veterinary advice to prevent severe suffering.

Bringing us a cat

The Cat Action Trust 1977 Jersey branch is more than happy to help anyone unable to re-home feral or domestic cats and kittens, however we are unable to take in pedigree or very long haired cats.

If you have kittens and/or cats you cannot cope with please call us on 01534 631113 to arrange a time to deliver them or for us to pick them up. Please do not leave cats or kittens in an open box on our doorstep.

We much prefer people to give us the cats rather than liberating them into the wild where kittens will probably die. By giving them to us you have enabled them to find new homes. We will be happy to help with spaying mother cats to avoid any unwanted litters.