Cat Action Trust 1977 Jersey Branch
A lifeline for feral cats

About Us

Who are we?

Jersey branch committee members

  • Chairman : Mrs Jean Falk
  • Treasurer : Mrs Jayne Plain
  • Secretary : Ms Carole Georgelin
  • Mrs Sam Gotel
  • Miss Lisette Le Creurer
  • Miss Paula Gibson


  • Lesley Ann Ivory
  • Stephanie Cole
  • Dame Eileen Atkins
  • Daphne Fowler¬†

Our Mission

Cat Action Trust 1977 Jersey is committed to helping feral and abandoned cats and by neutering help to reduce the incidence of diseases such as FIV(feline aids) and FeLV(feline leukaemia). We rehome whenever possible and would only put cats to sleep on veterinary advice to prevent further suffering.