Cat Action Trust 1977 Jersey Branch
A lifeline for feral cats



Temperament Highly affectionate
Age 15 years
Home needs Access to outside

Poor Beau (formerly Bellow) (15 years old but in good health which recent blood tests have confirmed) has been returned from his home as he did not get on with the resident cat. His adopter was so sad to return him as he has been a perfect pet-really affectionate-but needs all the attention to himself and even with a large house and garden to get away from each other there was still too much stress going on. So please if there is an older person with no other animals who is looking for a very friendly cat could they please ring me on 631113. He loves going outside so needs access to a nice garden.

If you'd like to meet or know more about Beau please contact Jean on 01534 631113 or email