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Cat Health

At Cat Action Trust 1977 we think that a cat's health is paramount to their happiness and well being, but there are a lot of misconceptions and myths that can harm them. Here we provide guidance to help you make the best decision for your feline friend.

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Feral Care

If you are considering adopting a feral cat (we're always pleased to see a feral go to a good home) here you can find information on ferals for behaviour, expetations and a guide for introducing ferals to other cats.

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Bringing a new cat home

Are you getting your first cat or kitten? Getting a new cat and not sure how to introduce them to your other cats or animals? Here is a series of guides and information to help you through this furry transition.

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What to do if you see a stray

So you've seen a thin, ragged and hungry looking cat, but your not sure if its a owned, wild or abandoned cat. Here is a guide to safely get help for the cat. 

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Grooming and tips

Grooming is a very important social time for felines, here are some tips and tricks or keeping a happy well pampered cat.

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