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My first cat

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Adopting your first cat is a huge step, there is much more responsibility than most first time adopters realise. Below are the most common misconceptions and pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Adopting in haste

Before you adopt a cat you really should stop and think about the time, space and finances required for one. This is a living, thinking, feeling being you are bringing home not an ornament or play thing to be discarded if they don't fit in.

Failure to neuter and consequences for your cat

Not neutering your cat whether they are a male or female will have different problems. These can be found on our neutering page as well as information for neuter-line to help low income families.

Cheap cat food is not cheap

The money you save on cheap cat food will quickly disappear on vet bills for malnutrition and urinary tract problems. Cats are complete carnivores and most cheap supermarket brands are only 4% meat for more information please see our cat food page.

Should my cat roam outside?

Many people believe that cats deserve the freedom to roam outside and that it is cruel or against their nature to stay indoors. This isn't the case, cats are territorial animals that prefer to stick to their turf (to protect it and not fight other cats). As long as they have enough room to run and their bathroom, eating and sleeping area separate they are quite happy to stay inside away from the cars.

Use the vet if in any doubt

While cats will recover quickly from mild illness they will also die very quickly when underlying problems are not discovered.

The cat will scratch the furniture

Your cat will not understand the world as you do and will not know why you are angry at them for scratching the couch, that is not to say you can't do anything about it. If you catch your cat going to the chairs tell them no in a firm and level voice and take them to the scratching post, you can even get them started by slowing dragging their paw on the surface. If it becomes a consistent problem invest in sticky paws (a sticker to put on the couch until they stop). Make sure to reward positive behaviour but never hold back love if they do something you see as wrong - they will have no idea why you are mad.