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What will my cat need?

Siamese Cat 1

Here is a list of common items for your new cat.

Food and water

Food and water bowls are a must (or your going to have a hungry cat) but make sure you have some good food to go with it.

  • Food bowl - we recommend a ceramic bowl rather then a plastic one as bacteria can build up in scratches that appear in plastic
  • Water bowl or fountain


Cats do not necessarily need their own bed, they will happily sleep anywhere warm with a comfy cushion.

Health, exercise and play

Toys for play & exercise

  • Balls - Cats love chasing balls with bells in them.
  • Feather Wand - Great for playtime with the owner and cat.
  • Laser Pointers - Not a normal cat toy but nothing gets them running faster.
  • Little Mouse Toys - Cats will hunt and have a lot of fun with these.


  • Scratching post - Cats need these for stretching and to keep their claws down
  • Cat Tree - This is not something you need but cats enjoy climbing and jumping all over these.

Common medication

  • Flea spot-on
  • Deworming tablets, spot on or fluid


Whether you have a in or outdoor cat you'll need to make sure they have somewhere to do their business. If you have a outdoor cat make sure there is some soft soil area like a flower bed.

For a indoor cat you will need a kitty litter box, which come in close and open top, and kitty litter. There are several different types of litter and cats don't usually like to switch between them.

  • Sand - Soft and easiest for burying for the cat and some brands can be flushed (check the bag).
  • Granules - Harder small pieces, usually has parts to reduce smell.
  • Wood - Small wood pieces, natural, cheap and can be easily recognised by cats that usually go outside.