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As more and more feral colonies spring up around the North Coast and ever more pregnant females and kittens are abandoned to fend for themselves with never enough good homes, it is increasingly important to get cats neutered. The benefits of neutering include health benefits for the cat, the environment and your home.

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Every cat that we neuter is microchipped as well to make it easier to reunite with owner should it be lost. When a cat is microchipped it makes it much easier to find their owner if they get lost.

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Keeping on top of your cats vaccinations is one of the best ways to to keep down expensive vet bills and for a happy healthy cat.

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Colds and Flu

Colds and flus are very different for cats then humans and potentially much more dangerous. It's important to understand the signs for when you need a vet.

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Fleas, ticks and worms

Fleas, ticks and worms are parasites that all cat owners hope they'll never have to deal with but its best to be informed if misfortune strikes.

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What you feed your cat is very important to their overall health and happiness. Many owners don't take the time to check what they are feeding their cats - with many supermarkets brands containing mostly maize leading cats to go hunting.

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