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We can't stress enough how important neutering your pets is, not only will you avoid producing kittens that need good homes (and there are never enough forever homes around) but there are both health and environmental benefits.

As there are more and more feral cats, abandoned pregnant cats and kittens there is more pressure on the islands wild bird population, which is already under much strain from wild ferrets.

Male and female cats have different issues for remaining intact and many myths. One myth is that its better for a female to have at least one litter - there are no benefits for having a unwanted litter but there is the inherent risk giving birth. Below are the very real benefits for male and female cats.

Male benefits from neutering

  • Decreased chance of FIV (Feline HIV) or FeLV (Leukaemia) from fighting over females
  • They stop spraying their urine around the house - its very pungent and stains fabrics
  • Decreased aggression
  • Prevents testicular cancer

Female benefits from neutering

  • Decreased risk of mammary cancer
  • Don't go into heat - so no yowling, peeing around the home or causing fights among males
  • Increased life span
  • Lowers risk of uterine infections
  • No unwanted litters