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Feral behaviours

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A guide on some commonly found traits found in feral cats.


Most feral cats will be very skittish and try to hide, this can be because they feel threatened, scared or unsafe. It is advisable to coax them out from hiding slowly and patiently to create a calm environment - pulling the cat out of its hiding spot is not advised.

This is the most commonly observed behaviour in ferals.

Angry feral

When a feral appears to be overly aggressive or angry it maybe that it is just scared and wants you to back off. A calm, slow and gentle atmosphere, slowly showing affection and social time spent with the cat maybe a enough to turn this behaviour. However in an adult feral it may be a general distrust of humans which is difficult to change and the best course of action may be to get the used to your presence first from a distance and slowly close the gap.

Anger is more common in males and cats that haven't been neutered.

Scared, Timid and Shy

A lot of feral cats are very timid, scared and shy this is usually down to trust issues with people. This is usually because they haven't interacted much with people and view us just as large predators that keep coming to find and catch them. Patience and understanding over time will usually calm most timid feral cats but they may never completely get over the fear. We have many adult ferals in loving homes who although still sometimes shy are wonderful companions.