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Feral FAQ


What is the difference between a stray cat and a feral cat?

Feral cats are the offspring of lost or abandoned pet cats or other feral cats who are not spayed or neutered. They have reverted to their wild nature and are not used to humans.

Why are there feral cats? Where do they come from?

Females cats can reproduce two to three times a year and if they survive their kittens will become feral. Cats can become pregnant as early as 5 months of age, and the number of cats rapidly increases without intervention.

Where do feral cats live?

Feral cats typically live in a colony - in Jersey they are typically found on the North Coast and wild areas but are also found around parks and places with access to food e.g. bins.

How do feral cats survive?

Many don't survive, kittens in particular don't have high chances. If they do survive, their lives are stressful, reverting to their wild nature for hunting and fighting to survive.

What are problems associated with unneutered/unspayed feral cats?

Can cause problems for local wildlife, uncontrolled breeding produces many sick kittens and can harbour viruses such as FIV and FeLV which can be passed to domestic cats.