Cat Action Trust 1977 Jersey Branch
A lifeline for feral cats

Fund Raisers & Volunteering

At Cat Action Trust 1977 Jersey everything is done on a voluntary basis and donations are always appreciated. If you would like to help please see some ideas below.

Fund Raising

Finding, trapping, caring for and rehoming heaps of cats of different sizes, types and some with medical needs is an expensive business. More so with our neutering program to help reduce the amount of feral colonies (who usually end up on our adoption page). Below are several easy ways you can help us continue being a lifeline for feral cats of Jersey.

  • Become a Cat Action Trust 1977 Jersey branch member
  • Donating small saleable items including jewellery and collectable china - sorry we are no longer able to accept any books.
  • Donating any spare cat items you have including tinned food and biscuits
  • Sewing and knitting cat blankets or other items
  • Use our Co-Op number when you go shopping 304709
  • Look out for our collection bins for cat food at the Pet Cabin, Co-Op Grand Marche, Iceland at Quennevais and Benest Millbrook


Our work couldn't continue without people using their spare time to help these cats have the best chance they can for happy and secure lives. We would like to thank all our volunteers for their work and continued support. 

If you'd like to volunteer please email us with your name, contact information and what you can do from the list below.

  • Work with us as a trapper for feral cats
  • Foster care for cats up for adoption
  • Fostering feral cat and kittens gets to help tame and socialise them
  • Foster care for cats that can't be rehomed for behaviour or medical reasons
  • Run a car boot sale or stall (we'll supply the items)