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1275047829image001 Jay solo


Jay is a very sweet tabby cat who we first encountered in 1999 when he was neutered and returned to the farm where he lived with a colony of other cats who were all being neutered and the kittens were being rehomed. He lived very happily there for some years until the property was due to be sold due to bereavement. Of course the cats then needed to be caught and removed.

We duly collected Jay and 5 other cats. At that time he had no name but due to the fact that when he was in the car we could smell Jeyes fluid he earned the name Jay. On our journey back from the farm he started breathing very heavily and collapsed onto his side in the carrying box. Fearing the worst we drove straight up to the vet, it turned out to be a torn diaphragm and he needed emergency surgery to correct it and push all his organs back in the right place. It was a tense situation but he pulled through and was then rehomed.

During this time we had noticed that he had problems with both his ears-they kept filling up with debris causing him some discomfort. A vet at the time operated on both ears to seal them up which he hoped would help the problem. Sadly this was only a brief respite and he kept having problems. Unfortunately around this time he managed to run away from his home and although very close his owners did not try to retrieve him. We stepped in to try and catch him but he proved very elusive and a number of members of the public who kindly tried to help ended up in casualty with cat bites (myself included!).

However eventually we caught him in one of our traps. Obviously he was not going back to his old home so we managed to find him a new home with Ivan, whose previous companion had died. After a few spits and spats they settled down and were very happy together. Let no one tell you that you cannot introduce older cats – Ivan and Jay were both over 10 years old.

Unfortunately his ear problems still plagued him and he was needing regular steroid injections which were not an ideal solution. Discussing this with our vet we decided that the only course of action would be to operate and take out the complete ear canal and sew up the skin making him look like an otter. As the only alternative would be to put him to sleep we agreed and he duly had the operation.

As you can see from the photo he is a very happy cat now-his owner has said that his whole mood has improved. It was so successful that his brother Compton, who suffered the same problem has had the same operation with fantastic results. Compton is also FIV positive and apart from a few minor problems is also a happier cat. The operations took place in Summer 2008.

We feel Jay is making very good use of his 9 lives!

Sadly Jay's cat friend Ivan died of age related problems and Jay was unhappy being on his own so he has come back to live with the other cats where he is very happy and loves Prince the dog.