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maggie may

Maggie May

When Maggie May was born out in the wild she had her umbilical cord twisted around her back leg. Sadly she wasn’t found by us until she was a 6 weeks old kitten and by then the lower part of the leg had fallen off. She was left with a jagged stump which was very swollen and infected and would have been giving her some discomfort every time she steadied herself. As soon as we could we had her spayed and the complete stump removed, it was full of pus. She must have felt so much better and was soon hopping around.

She was quickly adopted by a family with other much older cats however Maggie May turned out to be a bit of a bully, so she had to return as she was upsetting the more sedate members of the household. She then went out to an older couple with no other animals and stayed for about 6 months before she started bullying them! Another excursion of 14 months ended after she attacked the owner.

She now lives with me and greets all my visitors and they all fall in love. But I have to tell them she is only lulling them into a false sense of security if they were to adopt her they would end up in casualty! She gets on very well with our dog (a Labrador crossbreed) and the other old cats that I now have to tell her off if she gets too naughty. She runs around so fast that most people don’t even realise at first that she only has 3 legs.