Cat Action Trust 1977 Jersey Branch
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Winter Newsletter 2013

As predicted we had an extremely busy summer dealing with not only feral cats and kittens but abandoned adults, some with kittens, as well as strays. 

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Winter Newsletter 2012

As Henry Ford once said, you can have any colour as long as it’s black! Black cats and kittens galore have been taken in by us this year with most of them being feral.

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Summer Newsletter 2012

Trying to educate the public that cats need to be neutered is still falling on deaf ears. The number of young cats being disclaimed to us that are not neutered and others being abandoned is very disheartening.

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Winter Newsletter 2011

This summer we have taken in more domestic cats and kittens than ferals. They have either been abandoned, unclaimed strays or cats and kittens disclaimed to us. A lot of the disclaimers have been in pairs and it has not been easy trying to find them good homes..

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Summer Newsletter 2011

Autumn was busy re-homing the kittens from pregnant females that we had taken in, luckily since they were born with us they were handled young and were really friendly and sociable. It was wonderful to see them settled...

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