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Summer Newsletter 2011

Autumn was busy re-homing the kittens from pregnant females that we had taken in, luckily since they were born with us they were handled young and were really friendly and sociable. It was wonderful to see them settled in their new homes in pairs and a few went to homes with an existing cat for company. I feel it must be really lonely for one kitten on its own in a flat. Instead of playing with a companion it will destroy the furnishings!

We have had many domestic cats brought to us for re-homing sadly due to a wide range of circumstances, luckily we were able to re-home many of them but as soon as they moved on to their new families more would arrive. Sadly many people seem to see cats as short term pets wanting to pass them on after a few years. With cats now living quite happily into their late teens or early twenties because of improved vet care it is a worrying situation.

On the weekend of the Antiques Fair at the end of November, Jersey was hit by a snowstorm and the sale closed early as everyone was worried about driving in the snow. Jersey is not used to this! On the Sunday the roads were icy and again the fair closed early. Amazingly we still raised over £840! Needless to say the cats were not amused by the snow and had to be kept cosy with microwaveable heat pads!

Due to the very cold conditions trapping has been very slow so it has been a good time to home some of the cats from the end of summer. No sooner did most of the younger ferals find permanent homes then three pairs of older cats arrived. They were all cats I had homed before and they were returning due to various reasons. I would like to ask people to consider taking on the older cats as they are so loving and gentle, they can be a good option for people who may not want to be committed to 20 years of cat care. It is sad when people insist on taking kittens, because an older cat may die and then pass on those same cats in a couple of years!

To update last newsletters story on FIV cats:

Piper and River have both found lovely homes and have settled very well into their indoor life.

Spider and Squeak are lovely 12 year old brothers who lost their home on the death of their owner. They are very friendly and need a very loving family to give them a happy retirement.

We would like to thank everybody who nominated our branch for the Christmas Appeal. The cats are fortunate to have so many friends. We are all looking forward to a warm and sunny summer with every cat and kitten in a lovely home....