Cat Action Trust 1977 Jersey Branch
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Summer Newsletter 2012

Trying to educate the public that cats need to be neutered is still falling on deaf ears. The number of young cats being disclaimed to us that are not neutered and others being abandoned is very disheartening.

In February just when we were bursting at the seams we were delighted to re home 4 of our ex feral cats to a private stable in the country which was wonderful news for Owlett, Howlett, Poppy and Cody. First reports are they have settled in well and coming and going at will.

Cash and Fraser who had been with Nikki for several months being socialised also found a loving home together.

We were back trapping at Noirmont in February as we were still seeing paw prints at the feeding box. One very bitterly cold evening just before dark we went to put food and spotted a black cat. Later that week a trap was set and a pretty semi longhaired tortoiseshell was eating hungrily in the trap.

Jerry turned up and was able to be identified thanks to his microchip-he went missing 10 years previously when his owner moved and had gone back to his old house and found on the opposite side of the road. He had a large abscess on his back which was treated and he has since found a loving retirement home.

Another lost cat found down the southern end of the Five Mile Road was Paris who had been missing for exactly a year although he only lived a mile away over the dunes.This great big grey bear of a cat was a gentle giant and extremely vocal and his family were delighted to get him back.

Poppy was seen by staff in the DHL warehouse at the Airport and they borrowed a trap to catch her. Thanks to her chip she was able to be reunited with her owners who had lost her 7 months previously.

Spartacus, a black smoke polydactyl (extra toes) went missing in 2004 after being neutered by us.Unfortunately during his years of roaming the south coast he had contracted FIV possibly through an infected male attacking him as his initial blood test had been negative when he was neutered. Having roamed for 8 years FIV was confirmed and we were able to find home a lovely indoor home.

Biggest nightmare is finding a female cat with no microchip as we have no idea if she has been spayed unless operated on very recently. This means the cat has to undergo another operation to find put if she has been done.We strongly advise everybody to microchip their pets-no exceptions!