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This is Coco she is from Velvets litter, she was born under pallet board at the back of a carpet showroom. It was suspected that while she was a new born a group of kids were playing with them like rag dolls, which Coco still seems to remember as she is scared of people reaching out to her. Despite this she has settled very well and is bounding around the place purring and chirrping.

When Coco first arrived she wouldn't leave the safety of a motor bike helmet and would cry constantly when she thought she was alone. It took three weeks for her to feel safe in the house without the helmet, soon after she claimed the cat tree as her own and would push the our other big cat, Kiwi, off. Kiwi and Coco got off to a rocky start, with Kiwi fleeing from the sight of her, but she eventually won him over and they can seen cuddling and grooming each other all the time.

From time to time Coco can still have her moments where she'll seem to forget who you are and cower, but this is happening less and less. She spends most of her time rolling around on peoples laps squeaking for pats. She is a very loving animal and it is a shame she started her life in such a dangerous environment.