Cat Action Trust 1977 Jersey Branch
A lifeline for feral cats



Mercury turned up with us as a stray who was fighting with resident cats.He was in quite a state with fighting wounds on his neck and many attendant rabbit fleas. When he was treated he passed a huge amount of worms too. After the requisite 2 weeks with no one claiming him we had him neutered and bloodtested.Due to his injuries I expected a positive result and sure enough poor old Mercury was positive for FIV(feline equivalent of Aids). Happily he didn’t have any other health problems so after neutering he returned to me so he could have some tender loving care and good food. He soon became a real darling-so friendly and loving. He managed to catch the eye of a new owner who needed an indoor only cat and duly went to his new home. I am pleased to say he has settled in extremely well.